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Punta Cana Airport Terminals

Punta Cara Airport is the main international gateway in the country.

It manages flights to more than 96 destinations in more than 28 different countries.


Transfer between terminals

You can get from one terminal to other by foot, since they are located within a short walk.



Although Punta Cana Airport has a small size, it has 5 different terminals: International Terminals A and B, and three more terminals: FBO, National Terminal and a VIP Terminal.

See below the main features of each one:



Terminal A

During some years it was the main terminal at Punta Cana airport, until Terminal B was completely build. The terminal building is adjacent to the Arrival Terminal.

It operates with several airlines.

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Terminal B

It was opened in 2014 and it is able to handle aircrafts like A380. It serves international flights. It is located between Terminal A and the PUJ Cargo Terminal.

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Other Terminals

The three other terminals are:


- FBO Terminal: This terminal is located west of the international terminal. It serves executive general aviation, national and international charter.

- National Terminal: This terminal serves for national charters and general aviation.

- VIP Terminal: This terminal is located east of the international terminal and it is a private terminal for VIP guests and private flights.




Passengers may know that to enter to de Dominican Republic must pay a tax as a tourists. This tax is about USD 10.00.


Passengers departing from the country must pay a fee per stay & permission for underage in migration. This fee is according to the duration in the country.


For 30 days - up to 3 months is:

- RD$ 2,500

- US$ 61,00